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DSIR Recognized | FWA Approved - FWA00012971

Infant & Young Child Feeding Counselling Center (MOM-AID)

LMRF is a not for profit organization, recognized nationally and internationally for our pioneering work in lactation consultation using mobile phones. Our expertise is in preparing expectant mothers in early initiation and exclusive breastfeeding. In 2010, LMRF launched a project with the objective to use cell phone technology for personalized lactation.

We have counseled more than thousand women in the last two years and achieved almost a hundred percent rate of exclusive breastfeeding. The successful completion of this study led to various national and international training workshops where we have trained counselors from Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and other parts of India.

OUR TRAINED COUNSELORS EXTEND THEIR SERVICES TO THE MOTHERS OF NAGPUR FROM “PREGNANCY TO INFANCY”. We support mothers in their efforts to nourish and nurture their babies. We help them to make correct feeding choices for their babies starting from pregnancy up to infancy. THIS INITIATIVE IS ALIGNED WITH THE INDIAN GOVERNMENT’S NUTRITION PROGRAMME. Our mission is to PROTECT, PROMOTE and SUPPORT BREASTFEEDING through mobile phone counselling. We are just a phone call away…

Unique features of the services we provide:

  • Personalised cell phone counselling to prepare an expectant mother for successful breastfeeding through her pregnancy and provide continued support up to her baby is almost a year old.
  • Weekly health updates meant for you and your baby.
  • Expert nutrition consultation for a balanced diet during pregnancy and post delivery.
  • Assessing and training mothers in basic positioning and attachment of the infant for breastfeeding.
  • Prevention and management of common concerns such as poor attachment, inadequate milk secretion or breast problems.
  • Easy strategies for working mothers by training in milk expression and storage to continue exclusive breastfeeding by the use of breastfeeding aides like breast pumps etc.
  • Tips on breastfeeding twins or triplets, a premature or sick infant.
  • Yoga and stress management techniques for expectant and lactating mothers.
  • Guiding mothers for appropriate introduction of semi-solid foods at 6 months while continuing breastfeeding.
  • Computerised patient database – so no need to carry your case files.

List of Projects:

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