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DSIR Recognized | FWA Approved - FWA00012971

LMRF offers Internship opportunities to Science Graduates, Medical and Non medical Professionals those who are interested in clinical and Community Research for 3-6 months. During their internship, interns are motivated to take part in various activities and hone their skills by making presentations, attending lectures and getting involved in daily activities. They also get to work with the Data team, Statistics team, Research team, Admin team as per qualification and Interest. They are monitored and guided by the senior staff members. Those interns interested in community research are also sent on field visits.

After the successful completion of internship period we certify the intern by “Certificate of Completion”undersigned by our Research Expert. This certificate helps in brightening career opportunities in the field of research. We offer assistance to our interns who want to write scientific papers or publish data collected by them during the internship.

Mentoring for Interns / Fellows/ International students from following institutes has resulted in strengthening the capacities of research staff at the organization as well as knowledge sharing.

  • University of Sydney, Australia – 1 faculty
  • Harvard School of Medicine, Boston – 5 students
  • Massachusetts General Hospital for Children, Boston – 1 student
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston – 2 students
  • European Public Health – 1 student
  • University of California, USA – 1student
  • Symbiosis Institute, Pune , India – 1 student
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