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DSIR Recognized | FWA Approved - FWA00012971


LMRF is a Research Based organization established in 1990s by Medical Professional. Team of LMRF is derived from various Medical and Non-Medical field. LMRF is working in the field of Medical and community research through various studies.

The objective of LMRF is to improve maternal and Neonatal health, to decrease IMR/MMR, to Improve Hospital Services, Generate Public/Community Participation in LMRF activities and thereby ensuring sustainability of the facilities/assets created and Effective dissemination of project information. In order to achieve these objectives LMRF is working on mobilization, motivation, and facilitation, participation & awareness of the community in project areas, Conferences, workshops and trainings.

In this direction certain methodologies are adopted stated as follows:

  • The main aim of community awareness programs is to make the community more informed, alert, self-reliant and capable of participating in all activities.
  • National and International conferences involving personnel involved in research studies.
  • CMEs and workshops for the Healthcare service providers.
  • Community Awareness Meeting involving the ANCs/PNCs, Family members, Affected people, Women in reproductive age groups, Adolescent girls, Community/Public Leaders, Stakeholders addressing maternal and Neonatal Health and other health problems.
  • Training & Capacity Building Program.
  • Distribution of Informative Study materials.
  • Distribution of IEC materials in the form of leaflets, banners, to health providers like ANM, ASHAs, Anganwadi workers, TBAs and also the community members in large extent.
  • Special motivation by community leaders or well-known persons of the area.
  • Use of media and press.
  • Involvement and follow up to Ministry of Health.
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