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DSIR Recognized | FWA Approved - FWA00012971

The Data Management System at LMRF presently comprises of 8 employees and functions promptly to ensure proper and clean data entry and storage. The team works in coordination with organizational investigators and sponsors towards maintaining data quality adhering to high research standards as per protocol specifications. The personnel mostly hold a science background, there are 3 statisticians, a software engineer and the rest are science graduates.

The scope of work of the DMS includes maintaining incoming logs of the filled and checked forms from the field, entering received forms as early as possible, storing entered forms safely and in an orderly manner, maintaining data storage logs, random re keying for crosschecking on entry quality, Making edits and resolving errors based on data monitoring reports, monitoring data for site specific or patterned errors etc.

Additionally the DMS personnel make faculty improvement presentations on topics in bio-statistics and also conduct 3 or 4 day open workshops for people from outside the organization, in the same area. The DMS works diligently towards keeping all its duties and are also constantly searching for new technical developments which can be introduced and used in the sphere of research.

The team of Statisticians and Data Entry Operators regularly cross checks the research data in the paper form and enter in the Software. We store the Overall Research Data and other IEC material properly in well maintained and labeled cabinets in the store room.

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