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DSIR Recognized | FWA Approved - FWA00012971

LMRF is chosen as recipient of Small Grants Program

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In 2023, DInA launched its annual Small Grants Program to support its alliance members. The grants aim to support organizations in low- and middle-income countries with capacity building activities and advocacy efforts for micronutrient data to be carried out over a 1-year period. The program offers an opportunity for prospective grantees to apply for funding for initiatives that correspond with a range of activities outlined in the call for proposals. These activities include:

  • Hosting stakeholder meetings or building coalitions to advocate for micronutrient data collection.
  • Designing micronutrient surveys or interventions
  • Disseminating micronutrient survey results
  • Expanding the capacity of a laboratory for micronutrient biomarkers
  • Increasing capacity for survey design or statistical analysis
  • Promoting science communication for micronutrient data
  • Performing additional analysis of micronutrient data.

LMRF is one of the 2024 Small Grants Program Recipients. There is a lack of comprehensive data regarding the impact of maternal micronutrient intake on the composition of essential micronutrients in human breastmilk. In this project, researchers will analyze levels of micronutrients in human breastmilk samples collected and stored as part of the Human Milk & Infant Nutrition (HMIN) longitudinal study, which was part of a larger trial of intrapartum Azithromycin treatment to prevent sepsis in mothers. The objective is to gain a better understanding of the association between micronutrients in human milk and infant growth.

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